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History of MPs
Mothers for Prodigals is a God-given ministry that flows from my healed heart. Through painful experiences with my own daughter, I fully understood the father’s heart in Luke 15:11-32. The father of the prodigal (or lost son) waited expectantly for his son’s return to the family. Scripture says when the son came to his senses……he arose and returned to his father. Even though distance separated them, the father, filled with compassion, ran and fell on the son's neck and kissed him. That Dad must have been watching, waiting, praying, and believing that his son would come home.
Anxiously awaiting the return of our daughter to her senses, the love of our family sustained us. My network of friends reminded me to trust Jesus while praying with me and quoting His Words from Scripture. Even though darkness enveloped me, God strengthened me.
Because of the loving support given to me by friends, God impressed upon my heart the need to minister to mothers dealing with the pain of their children's reckless choices. I envisioned myself wearing a black band around my arm enhanced by the letters MP. A flurry of meanings entered my mind: military police, guarding people, enforcing laws, watchmen on the walls, and intercessors. I soon realized that MP represented mothers and prodigals. Thus began a journey to blanket hurting women with the compassionate comfort of Jesus Christ.
As we mothers pray for our children, may we also lift up the hurting fathers. No matter whose heart is aching, distress affects the whole family. Fortunately there are some who haven’t experienced much pain with their children and we give thanks to God. Regardless of circumstances, we mothers desire the redemption of all our children. As they turn to Jesus, we ask that He guides their steps along the way. We eagerly wait for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to fulfill His promises.

Deborah Crawford
My passion is writing, and after having experienced life with a prodigal daughter, I wish to encourage parents (especially mothers) with the promising words of our Heavenly Father.