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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Ruins, Repairs, and Restoration

Ruins dotted the tranquil landscape. Here a lone tower, there an old fort. Off in the distance four walls stood with no roof. Near the road towered an old cathedral surrounded by scaffolding. Relics from the past loomed in the midst of an everyday existence. The terrain held an ethereal sense of an ancient world stepping into modern day.

My family and I recently traveled parts of Ireland by car. Visual reminders of the past scattered throughout the countryside, in villages, towns, and cities. Archaic designs commingled with contemporary living, linking lifestyles thousands of years apart. For us native born Americans, it was difficult to grasp such historical grandeur. Most of Ireland’s ruins are three times older than our own country. Our stunned minds needed clarity. 

While touring an old cathedral and monastery, we questioned the guides about the ruins. They explained that over 800 antiquities could be found throughout Ireland. Too many to restore. The government owns and decides which relics to repair. The biggest and most famous ones undergo restoration as they bring in money through tourism, which in turn helps to pay for repairs. Both inside and outside of many structures, we witnessed a number of renovations in progress. 

As I stood gazing at the scaffolding for reconstruction inside a cathedral, my mind filled with thoughts of godly restoration. How many people scattered across the world have broken hearts? What troubles have invaded peoples’ lives? Who feels as though their lives are ruined? Whose souls long for godly repair? 

Later that day God gave me a glimpse into lives torn apart by a teenage boy’s suicide. A young lady who served us in a pub opened up and poured out her heart’s pain from his death. She talked about the devastation experienced by family and friends. How a whole village came together to support each other. But she never mentioned God. I told her I would be praying that God healed their broken hearts. These people required more than renovations. They needed soul restoration from God. 

When left unattended, buildings fall into disrepair. Structures collapse, weeds flourish, and creatures inhabit the place. Gloom and doom fills the empty space. Likewise, human beings can experience the agony of abandonment when living apart from the God who created them. 

Life’s hard knocks inflict wounds. Those wounds, if left untreated, can lead to a dull mind, depression, and worse. The ugliness soon covers what once was beautiful. Lost and alone, many people are lead to destruction. 

But God stands ready to restore. He doesn’t look for the biggest and best to repair. He doesn’t want a select few to be renewed. He loves everyone unconditionally and desires relationship restoration with all His people. He yearns to forgive and recreate repentant hearts. 

Has heartache wounded you? Is your life in ruins? Are you feeling lost and alone? There is a God who repairs repentant hearts. His name is Jesus Christ and He offers forgiveness to all who turn to Him. Allow His gracious mercy to renew you from the inside out. Experience restoration with Jesus. 

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