Mothers for Prodigals

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Light of Life

Has some of the brilliance of Christmas been extinguished because you are missing a loved one? Is there an ache in your heart that leaves you feeling empty? Do you want to curl up in a corner and allow the darkness to cover you? Know that God sees and hears you. He is with you. 

Yes, yes God is available right now. That’s why He came to earth—to live among His people, to understand every hurt, to wipe away each tear, to sacrifice His life for us so that we may live with Him daily in our hearts and eternally in heaven. He loves you and He loves me, and He cares. God is with us. 

After a death, mourning needs to happen and tears must fall. But don’t allow your own soul to shrivel up and die in the dark. Turn on the lights of Christmas. Allow the Light—Jesus Christ—to illumine your situation. Bask in His loving presence. You will soon feel alive again. 

Below is a link to REFRESH magazine. I hope you’ll take time to read the heart-warming articles. Let the “Light of Life” (name of my article) shine in your circumstances. Rest and be refreshed. God is with you.

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