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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Pass it on....

Are you weary? Have life’s trials exhausted you? Believe it or not, King David grew weary in his battles against the Philistines. Fighting giants can be hard, especially if they become your focus. 

When David focused less on his circumstances and concentrated more on the God who saved him, he became revived. He penned his refreshed reflections with praise and thanksgiving to his Heavenly Father.

David journaled many of his emotions, both with grievances and in joy. His honest meditations are recorded in the book of Psalms. Because his words relay sincere sentiments, readers can relate to his penned responses. God’s Word through David is relevant even today. 

Throughout generations, God has gifted numerous people who write down their thoughts in order to encourage others. Nothing can replace the Word of God. But His Word, along with inspiration through various writers, can bring refreshment to readers. 

Are life’s burdens dragging you down? Do you need spiritual motivation? Find the link below and click on it. An online magazine called REFRESH will open. It is a beautifully illustrated magazine containing uplifting inspirations. 

Various people have written from life’s experiences. I am blessed to have had one of my heartfelt messages included, entitled Pass It On. I hope and pray that you will be inspired by the insight of others, and pass it on……

Click here to view the magazine

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