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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Euphoric Eyes

Have you ever attended a wedding and witnessed love exchanged between a man and woman soon to be husband and wife? Their glowing, romantic love extends to the crowd of people supporting them. The unadulterated beauty scatters joy in the place as smiles appear on every face. 

I recently experienced wedded bliss at my daughter's marriage to her best friend. My heart exploded with emotion while tears threatened to spill onto my dress. Thank goodness for the beautiful handkerchief she had given me. It dried my tears while its words resonated with my heart, reminding me of an abiding relationship, through thick and thin. The letter that follows is my response to her.

My dear daughter,

Oh how he loves you. His eyes tell all—warm anticipation, tender gaze, adoring look—assurances of a faithful love. 

And your requited expression wells from your eyes—tears of expectation and excitement, perhaps even tears of doubt, wondering how can this be. Happy tears cascade onto your cheeks because reality stands before you. Your love gushes in response to his love.

The joyful smiles shared with each other saturates the atmosphere. Love is in the air on this blessed wedding day. Your beauty clothed in bridal wear takes you from rags to riches, the past forgiven and forgotten, a new beginning. Everything appears fresh, pristine like a reconciliation of sorts. Restoration pledges a new beginning together forever.

God gives us this earthly yet glorious image of a wedding in order for us to grasp His love for us, His bride. He, the Bridegroom, adores us to the nth degree and infinity. He stands before us, waiting with bated breath while deep affection spills over into our souls. His eyes, His smile—all exude a love story bursting with devotion. It’s such an abiding love that He gave away His life for ours, exchanging His riches for our rags. He restores us from our sinful ways to His virtuous ways. He loves us.

When we approach Him, offering our earthly mess with regret and apology, He forgives freely without judgment and full of mercy. He sees us righteous because of His love. He’s longed for this renewed relationship—now live in His grace. Oh how He loves you and me!

Daughter, you are blessed beyond measure. Your Heavenly Father loves you and so does your earthly husband. Run to them, receive their love, and return it with an adoring, thankful heart. You are loved. 

With a loving and grateful heart,

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for loving us all. Thank you for my daughter and her husband, my son-in-law. Thank you, God, for answered prayer. 

Won't you glorify God with me through these beautiful songs of praise? And I would enjoy reading your thoughts about our God-given emotion of love in the comment section below......

Aaron Shust - Ever Be....

Hillsong - Forever Reign....

*Wedding photos by Jenna Joseph

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