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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Delight in the Lord

Discouragement, doubt, and distress—a few of the feelings I battle on a regular basis. But I'm not alone. Discontentment grows within families, workplaces, churches, schools, and governments all over the world. How can we change the world we live in? What can I do to make a difference wherever I go? 

King David said, "Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

So I choose to change my focus. I choose to keep my mind stayed on the One who created the world and died for the world in order to save it. Yes He loves you and me that much. 

What can we do for Him in return? Love Him with a whole heart and delight in His ways of truth. Before long we'll see life differently. In the meantime, this is my prayer for you and me. 

A Prayer

Lord, help me to be a formidable force,
One who will act for thee.
One who fights the way you fought
With compassionate words, gracious and free.

Lord, help me to be a patient person,
One who will endure with ease.
One who awaits tender times
With helpful, persevering peace.

Lord, help me to be a wise woman,
One who knows you and reveres.
One who reads, studies, writes, and prays
With quiet lips and open ears.

Lord, help me to be a forgiving friend,
One who ceases to blame.
One who tries to forget the wrong
Of trials that can bring shame.

Lord, help me to be a loving lady,
One who brings good cheer.
One who will share the sunshine
With those that are and aren’t dear.

Lord, help me to better personify you,
With wisdom, patience, and grace.
Loving and forgiving with all your strength
Until we come face to face!

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