Mothers for Prodigals

Sunday, December 6, 2015


                               H - Harness
                               O - optimism
                               P - possibility         
                               E - expectation

Glory to God in the highest. Luke 2:14

Behold Christmas wonder from a child’s eyes. 
See the normal and imagine newness—observe for the first time. 
Gasp at the spectacle of simple things.
Like a child, believe in the mystery of the season. 
Dream about the coming days, anticipate the invisible. 
Hope for more…..

YET hope has come. 
Hope in the form of a baby boy, born to a young woman, laid in a feeding trough. 
Hope humbly appeared on earth, descending from heaven. 
Hope grew in wisdom and knowledge, teaching people who lived in reality about truth and love. 
Hope visualized healed humans and cured the sick. 
Hope envisioned broken chains and liberated captives. 
Hope conceived a divine kingdom and lived it out on earth. 
Hope is Jesus…Jesus is God…God is Creator. 

The Creator left His throne in heaven to live for a moment on earth with His creatures. 
Who does that? 
Who designs something only to become the design? 
Who fashions a pot of clay only to become the pot? 
Who relinquishes power only to bestow that power within the powerless? 

God. The answer is God. 
God, the Supreme and Omnipotent Being who created everything from plants to stars, 
Waived His Almighty rights for a short time to inhabit His most glorious work of art. 
God in the person of Jesus lived like people, but loved like God—human yet divine. 
He lived out preordained prophecies of the ancients. 
He became the living Word of patriarchal writers. 
He came to earth as a Savior and sacrificed His holiness, 
Covered Himself in the sins of His own creation, 
Poured out His righteousness upon the earth. 

He sent Holy Spirit power
Exploding within His creatures the Word to be shared. 
Good news of hope—written, existed, 
Now living within hearts of humans choosing to believe in the divine. 

Hope reigns supreme in the minds of the faithful. 
Hope looks to a future with Almighty God while living in the present with mankind. 
Hope lives as its Creator, spreading His Word of truth in love. 
Glory to God in the highest. 


I owe Him awe,
Respect He’s due, 
Jesus Christ is holy, 
Our Lord and Savior is true.

Praise Him, saints and sinners,
Glorify His Name.
Shine forth His light,
Lay down your shame.

He carried sins then,
He’ll carry them now.
The exchange at the cross 
Is worthy a bow.

Praise Him, children,
Praise Father above.
He offers grace and mercy,
He extends heavenly love.

Open your heart,
Receive His generous gift.
Humble yourself before God,
And allow Him to uplift. 

Glory to God in the highest. 

This hope will not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Romans 5:5 (HCSB)


  1. I am delighted and inspired by the rhetorical question, "Who does that?" This is excellent, especially when we know the question is perfectly suitable for God and Him alone! :)

    Your quatrain has a sweet and nice flow to it. Again, thanks for blessing my soul.