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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Look We Shared

Have you ever experienced any trauma in your life? Have you ever experienced God’s peace, the peace that passes all understanding (Philippians 4:7)? Recently my family and I came up against an experience that frightened us all—for a moment in time, my little granddaughter encountered a threatening health issue. I confess that for an hour I was completely overcome with fear, until I remembered God’s Word from the Amplified Bible which reads “I will not be seized by alarm.” (Hebrews 13:6)  

How many times has Jesus told us not to be afraid? He consistently tells us “Don’t be afraid” in His Word and yet we consistently live in fear. Why? It is stated that there are 365 phrases in the Bible where Jesus tells us not to be afraid, one for each day of the year. Instead of giving into fear, let’s resolve to trust God and His Word. Let’s thank Him for His blessings of grace and peace. 

It's been stated that the phrase "Do not be afraid" is written in the Bible 365 times, so be fearless and trust Him!

My daughter-in-law and I shared a moment of combined fear and relief when her daughter (my granddaughter) returned from the emergency room at the hospital. Without saying a word, our eyes and hearts spoke volumes. Here is what we shared with one look......

The Look We Shared

Our eyes met and spoke thankfulness to a Higher Power,
A Higher Power that never leaves us nor forsakes us.
We shared a look of knowing
Knowing what could have been, realizing a better outcome.

The look from her eyes to mine carried an expressed sigh of relief.
Relief and anxiety mixed as our eyes pooled halfway with tears,
Tears of fear subsided by gratefulness, 
Gratefulness to God Almighty who carried us all in His Hands.

The mingled emotions held sway for a time,
As we fought the good fight of faith.
But God’s Words pronounced loud and strong,
Alarm would not seize us as His Peace overcame the situation.

Breath of Life, thank you for another day,
A day to enjoy your gift of existence on this earth with You and Your blessings.
Thank you, Father God, for the child you took care of through the storm
We lift our eyes to You, Jesus, and give thanks for healing.

Debbie Crawford - July '13

Whatever your situation today, don’t be seized by alarm. Instead give thanks to God Almighty who already knows and understands your circumstance. He is standing ready to fill you with His Peace, and if needed, He’ll carry you in His arms. TRUST HIM!

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