Mothers for Prodigals

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Reality of God

I just returned from a trip down memory lane. My mom and I returned to a former church that my father pastored many years ago to celebrate the 90th birthday of a long-time member of the church. Our families have a long-standing relationship and one of his daughters and I developed a lasting friendship. How delightful to return and reunite! The reunion intensified when another close friend showed up. 

All three of us grew up together at that church, attending the same Sunday School classes. We sat through Lutheran confirmation classes, experienced many youth group activities, and sang in the choir. It felt as if we lived and breathed church. Most importantly, we experienced God in that place. He became a part of us and I’m not sure how much we understood His presence at that time. 

As my friends and I reminisced, I realized the depth of God’s existence in our families and in our own personal lives. Even if we walked away at times, He never left. Our increased faith gives testimony to His steadfastness in our daily living. Praise God! Thank you, Jesus, for loving me! Thank you for family and friends. Thank you for the tie that binds hearts lived for You!

What’s your story with God? Did you grow up going to church? When were you aware of His entrance into your life? Or maybe you’ve not experienced Him yet? Get to know Him. He’s manifested (revealed) Himself in many ways: through creation, in the moral hearts of mankind, through His people Israel, in the Holy Scriptures, and through Jesus Christ. He’s alive and desires a relationship with you. He’s ready to pour out His grace and mercy upon you. Call to Him and He will answer you and show you great and mighty things (Jeremiah 33:3).

Grafted into God

Lord, how imbedded You are in our lives!
Do we see?
What does it take?
For us to glorify thee. 

Your Word planted in our hearts
At an early age.
We learned of You.
Did we fully engage?

We fixed You in our planned existence,
Living life,
Forgetting Your worth,
Gradually encountering strife.

Even though You lodged in our everyday
We set You aside.
Problems arose.
At times our faith died.

Help, dear Lord, we’re sinking fast
Where do we go?
What do we do?
Cause our trust in You to grow.

Implant Your Spirit upon our hearts.
On our knees
We cry out to You,
Fill to overflowing please.

We see the root of Your impartation.
You are known
In our lives.
Your Words in us are sown.

Lord God, we seek You as our way of life.
We need You each day.
Come, Lord Jesus!
Be our center, we pray.

Deborah Crawford - 4/13


  1. Thanks Debbie...It's nice to know that God doesn't walk away....and it's because of your dad's guidance as well as my own parents faith and love that helped me to know His love is never ending. Great that you and I can be apart by miles, but together in thoughts.

  2. Oh thank you Clarice....what wonderful backgrounds we share! I know it doesn't matter the distance between us because we can always pick up where we left off.