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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Receive His Presence

Who needs presents when we have His presence! Who needs gifts when God gave us the greatest Gift of all in His Son Jesus Christ! We have all we need. Why do we continually search for more?

Why do we rush around the shops and malls at Christmas time looking to buy more stuff to purchase? Maybe we lack satisfaction in our lives or maybe we just want to bless a friend or family member. Whatever it is we’re doing or searching for, it is meaningless until we find the Lord.

Well, search no further. He’s not hiding. He’s not in a store. He’s not even in the beautifully wrapped present under your Christmas tree. He can be found within the pages of your Bible, those Scriptures written by God’s own hand through His people. The Word of God, written thousand of years ago and still available to us, is Jesus Christ. The book of John gives us proof.

In the beginning [before all time] was the Word (Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself. He was present originally with God. All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being. In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men. And the Light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it [put it out or absorbed it or appropriated it, and is unreceptive to it].  John 1:1-5 (AMP)

The Word—Jesus Christ—was with God from the beginning; He was present with God. He actually was God Himself. He created all things, breathing life into the earth. God created man and woman, desiring relationship with them. But the devil entered the picture and spoiled the beauty of the garden by causing them to sin. Even though they paid the consequences for sin, God continued to love them. He wanted a relationship with His people. So He laid out His plan of redemption from the beginning. Genesis 3:15 is the first promise of a Redeemer. Below is the verse from the Amplified Bible.

The Lord said to the serpent, “...And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her Offspring; He will bruise and tread your head underfoot, and you will lie in wait and bruise His heel.” 

The explanation follows from offered by Don Stewart......The ultimate seed (offspring) of the woman would be Jesus Himself. It is the beginning of a long line of prophecies concerning the coming Messiah. The Promised One would be from the woman's seed an indication of the eventual virgin birth of Christ. The seed of the serpent would bruise the heel of the seed of the woman. On the cross Satan bruised the heel of Christ, causing His death. Bruising suggests something that was not ultimate or final. Christ died on our behalf being made sin for us (2 Corinthians 5:21). He bore our judgment upon Calvary's cross and, in doing so, bruised His heel. Though wounded, the damage done to Jesus was not final, for He came back from the dead three days later.

We live on the other side of the promise. Christ indeed came to earth to redeem us from our sins, gaining that victory over Satan. The cross and the empty tomb assures us of the fulfilled promise. Allow the following verses that span the pages of the Bible confirm to you God’s promise of a Savior who is Jesus Christ the Lord. 

For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 
Isaiah 9:6 (NKJV)

“Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which is translated, “God with us.”  Matthew 1:23 (NKJV)
And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name Jesus.  Luke 1:31 (NKJV)
And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.  Romans 16:20 (NKJV)
But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law...  Galatians 4:4 (NKJV)
And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.  Revelation 12:17 (NKJV)
The promised Redeemer has been presented to us. He came as a baby and grew up on earth to demonstrate how life is to be lived—He dwelt among His people. He later died on a cross, offering an exchange—our sins for His righteousness. After He returned to heaven, He sent His Holy Spirit to continue to dwell among us. His presence is found within our hearts when we believe in Jesus as Savior. He is the present, the gift, given to us so that we may live with Him throughout eternity. Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!  2 Corinthians 9:15 (NKJV)
Are you still searching for the perfect gift? Look no further because it’s already been given to you in the Bible, the Holy Scriptures, the Word. He is the Word and He is Jesus Christ. Receive His gracious gift and give back to Him your praises for His indescribable gift. Thank Him for His presence!
Let the peoples praise You, O God; Let all the peoples praise You.  Psalm 67:5 (NKJV)
Let them praise the name of the LORD, For His name alone is exalted; His glory is above the earth and heaven.  Psalm 148:13 (NKJV)
“Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles!
Laud Him, all you peoples!” 
Romans 15:11 (NKJV)

.....filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ—to the glory and praise of God.  Philippians 1:11 (NIV)
Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.  Hebrews 13:5 (NKJV)
And Mary said:
“My soul glorifies the Lord
    and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
    for the Mighty One has done great things for me—
    holy is his name. 
Luke 1:46-47,49 (NIV)

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