Mothers for Prodigals

Blessed by Almighty God

5:54 PM Deborah Crawford 0 Comments Category :

Your mercy rains down in showers of grace.
You were forgiving me as shame hid my face.
Your love shines brightly upon this place.
I praise you, Almighty God.

You walked upon this earth just like me.
You died on that cross to set me free.
You’ve unveiled your Word so that I might see.
Thank you, Lord Jesus.

When I’ve needed comfort, You’ve always been there.
When I’ve needed a touch, You’ve sent friends who care.
When I’ve been blessed, You’ve told me to share.
Come, Holy Spirit.

Three persons in One; You’re the great I AM.
You’re guiding and leading; you’re the faithful I AM.
When fear wants to seize me; you’re the peaceful I AM.
You ask me to trust and I reply, “I am.”

DDC 7/22/10