Mothers for Prodigals

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blessed by Almighty God

Your mercy rains down in showers of grace.
You were forgiving me as shame hid my face.
Your love shines brightly upon this place.
I praise you, Almighty God.

You walked upon this earth just like me.
You died on that cross to set me free.
You’ve unveiled your Word so that I might see.
Thank you, Lord Jesus.

When I’ve needed comfort, You’ve always been there.
When I’ve needed a touch, You’ve sent friends who care.
When I’ve been blessed, You’ve told me to share.
Come, Holy Spirit.

Three persons in One; You’re the great I AM.
You’re guiding and leading; you’re the faithful I AM.
When fear wants to seize me; you’re the peaceful I AM.
You ask me to trust and I reply, “I am.”

DDC 7/22/10

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