Mothers for Prodigals

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Exalt Him

Life has its ups and downs and my family has been experiencing some "downs". But God is good and He is our Peace. He has blessed me with some awesome "prayer warrior" friends who have been lifting me up to the loving arms of Daddy God. Thanks, ladies! In the midst of all my distress, I experienced a "God moment". As I was driving, I noticed the tag on the car in front of me. It said "Xalt Hm". Now I needed that nudge from God to remind me to lift up praises amidst despair! Here's my litany of praises:

In the midst of tragedy and pain, XALT HM!
In the midst of negative circumstances, XALT HM!
In the midst of gloom and doom, XALT HM!
In the midst of financial woes, XALT HM!
In the midst of an unsatisfying job, XALT HM!
In the midst of a spiritual battle, XALT HM!
In the midst of a "nothing is going right, everything's falling apart" moment, XALT HM!

Our Savior CAN move the mountains - He comes to rescue His people! EXALT HIM!
Lift up your swords, MPs, and continue fighting!

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